Church Vandalism Prevention

by | Jun 28, 2016 | Church Insurance, Uncategorized

Church Vandalism PreventionChurch Vandalism Prevention

Church Vandalism happens any time. Throwing stones through the stained glasses, graffiti scrawling on playgrounds and buildings and breaking into the buildings to damage the items inside are only few of the known vandals that occur. And even churches are not anymore safe from this assault.

Here are some of the suggestions and tips to avoid vandalism and can add to the church insurance from being the victim.

  • Shed some Light Near the PropertyYou can also keep even on the nights the interior lights. It will make an illusion that there is someone occupying the building.


    1. Install an adequate lighting on the exterior part of the church like the parking lot. Burned-out bulbs should be replaced with new ones to. Also place these lights on high locations, so that you can prevent the culprits from attempting to disable them.
  • Secure all the Valuables


    1. As a church insurance, store the expensive equipment like laptops in a room that is securely locked. To hide all the valuables from a view, close the window curtains or the blinds. For your small valuables and cash, you can use a safe.
  • Keep the Church Clean


    1. When there are already graffiti drawings on the church, you must clean them out immediately. A well-maintained and clean area is less attractive for the criminals. You can also trim the trees and long grasses around so that you can reduce possible hiding places.
  • Consider having Surveillance Camera


    1. Putting security cameras add up to the feeling of church insurance. If you have installed and working cameras you can have video recordings to share to the police when there was a crime that happened. By having them, you can catch the culprit faster than not having one.
  • Secure your Church Vehicles


    1. Secure them by having the windows roll and activate door locks. Do not leave them in a plain view. Criminals can only vandal your vehicles if they can access them easily.
  • Secure and lock all the windows and entry doors


    1. Locking all the passages in your building is like the best church vandalism prevention you can do. Make sure that you have deadbolts for all the entry doors and they are used when no one is there to occupy the place.
  • Ask for Community SupportBut also remember that you should never ask them to provide guard services overnight for this can bring them potential harm.


    1. Ask the local police in your community to include the church in their patrol visits. You can also remind the neighborhood and church members to be alert for activities that are quite suspicious. Encourage them to make observations as detailed as possible but never to confront anyone. Advise them to report to the police instead.
  • Install Alarm System


  1. You can first evaluate the benefits in the church insurance of having an installed alarm system that is being monitored through a security company or a central station. These companies can help you in deciding as to which kind of alarm system is more applicable to the church.