Fall Festival Tips and Safety for your Family

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Stay Safe at Fall Festival

The Fall Festival can be fun but food poisoning, burns, and broken bones are not. That is why it is important to take some steps to protect yourselves and other guests from the unexpected risks during this kind of special outreach events. Therefore, it is important for you to know the safety guide once you joined in Fall Festival. Here are the following guidelines that you must be aware before going to event.

Safety Guide in Fall FestivalFall Festival

  • Drink a lot of water

When you are at a fall festival and enjoying the events, you must drink a lot of water and take a break.


  • Keep an eye for your things and family

Even though you are out for a long weekend, you can have a safe and better experience in looking out for each other. You must stick together. If there are times that, you and your family are in separate places, set for a designated meeting place. You must also be aware if where is the emergency medical and the festival security tens just in case of the unexpected circumstances. Immediately notify the festival staff if you see anyone that it’s acting inappropriately.


  • Drive slowly, follow the traffic pattern, and watch for the pedestrians.

The fall festival has a thousand people specifically families with their young children. Therefore, you must always remember to follow the traffic pattern and pedestrians so that you can prevent from accident and other unexpected circumstances in the street while you are driving particularly during the fall festival.


  • Be aware on the caution signs and restricted places.

Ensure that the children now the warning signs and know how to stay away from the restricted areas. You must be alert in the areas that are not marked off and an adult must supervise the attractions, including the bounce house when it is in use.


  • If the wagon does not look safe outside, do not get in.

The wagons of Fall Festival are staple but this can lead of accident in inappropriate management. Do not get in wagon if:

  • The lights are dim and completely out
  • If the body of gain is damaged and temporarily fixed with a duct tape
  • The tires are lack, flat, and low.
  • The wagons harnesses and latches are not functional
  • More than the wagon is being pulled at one time
  • When there are many people inside the wagon

Securing your safety is the best thing to do while you are enjoying. There are times that unexpected circumstances suddenly occur. Therefore, it is important that you are aware on that safety guide before going to Fall Festival. There are no harm in enjoying and attending events, but for the sake of your safety, you must know and understand that guidelines.