Create a Church Security Plan

Many Christian leaders are now considering creating Church Security Plan to help keep their church safe.  Sadly, churches and religious organizations are increasingly targets of violent attacks.  Christians come to your church seeking refuge and peace. They want a safe place to worship, reflect, and connect.  Church leaders are essential to establishing safety and security in their houses of worship.

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Fire Prevention Measures

The new year brings our focus to goals and resolutions.  January presents a great time for church leadership to review and assess the safety of their facilities. In this
blog we will share an annual inspection checklist, arson prevention measures and electrical hazards to avoid.  Fires, of all types, pose a real threat to your church.  We’d like to share the following fire prevention measures for your church.

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Christmas Safety Checklist

Many churches see an increase in attendance for the Christmas holiday. If your congregation plans to celebrate Christmas with a festive holiday service this year, be
prepared for the risks that come with increased attendance and seasonal décor. You can minimize the risks of holiday accidents at your church with our Christmas Safety checklist.

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Food Safety for Church Kitchens

Thanksgiving is a time to gather, not only with family, but also a time for fellowship in our churches. Safe food preparation is a goal of all good chefs and helpers
whether preparing meals for home or for church. The holidays are a great time to review Food Safety Guidelines for Home and Church Kitchens.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that every year approximately 76 million people in the United States become ill from harmful bacteria in food. To minimize food risks, share a written policy/guidelines regarding food preparation/food safety with all employees and/or volunteers who work in your kitchen should receive training on these procedures.

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